Other equipment End Making

16 January, 2018

Score repair system multiformat single lane – Ref. G043

For round and shape ends running at 400 epm (shape ends)
15 January, 2018

Score repair system for EOE round ends double lane – Ref. G042

Double lane of production of 1200 ends per minute on different round end sizes
15 January, 2018

Score repair system for EOE round ends single lane – Ref. G041

From diameters 52 to 99 mm (other sizes also available upon request). 600 ends per minute
11 September, 2017

Oberburg ZSM1 assembly machine – Ref. G022

Tooling fitted for approx. 127 mm
6 April, 2016

Income liner with vertical oven – Ref. F051

Income liner with oven and available tools for 127 and 153 mm
6 April, 2016

Cevolani MTD-438 dual liner with double vertical gas oven – Ref. F046

Tooling fitted for approx. 73 mm
5 April, 2016

Automatic strip feeder – Ref. F037

Automatic strip feeder
29 March, 2016

Robot Head Liner RHL225 – Ref. F001

Easy synchronization with the lining machine, attachable to any type of production line by touchscreen configuration, clean application, without risk of compound stain, valid for any kind of compund, automatic cleaning and purge of the injector. Low maintenance, electronic injector commander by driver, able to line up to 150 ends per minute, depending on end size, Range of application: Any shape in a range of 224 x 152 mm

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