Combination machines

31 March, 2016

Lanico BEA6-341 double flanger – necker combination machine – Ref. F020

Available Tooling for approx. 52 and 65 mm
1 April, 2016

Gepack L1V24 automatic vertical conical can making line – Ref. E155

Tooled for approx. 180 mm conical cans. Consisting of: – Expander station – Curling for ring and bottom station – Beading station – Seaming station for […]
1 April, 2016

Larsen B30-H30 ear welder + bailing machine – Ref. E123

Set up for 274 mm pails Diameter range: 150-320 mm Height range:180-500 mm Output: Up to 35 cpm Diameter ears: 27 mm
1 April, 2016

Income 12 head combined spin flanger/beader/seamer – Ref. E073

Tooling fitted for approx. 73 mm
1 April, 2016

Schuler M2bf/2 combined automatic double flanger single seamer – Ref. B106

Tooling for approx: 153mm Diameter range: 50-163mm Height range: 40-380mm Output: up to 50 cpm
7 April, 2016

Lanico BF280AE double flanger-necker-double seamer combination machine – Ref. F059

Tooling fitted for approx. 65 mm
28 December, 2016

Lanico BF311 double flanger double seamer – Ref. F085

Lanico BF311 combination machine for 165 mm
31 January, 2017

Lanico BF311 automatic double flanger-double seamer – Ref. G001

Lanico BF311 with two toolings for 105 and 165 mm
1 February, 2017

Lanico BF311 double flanger-double seamer – Ref. G002

With two available toolings for approx. 105 and 153 mm
11 September, 2017

Klinghammer STAV-175 automatic combination double flanger-seamer – Ref. G021

Including tools for 99, 127 and 153 mm. Machine is delivered totally overhauled
19 September, 2017

Lanico BF280AE double flanger-necking-double seamer – Ref. G025

Tooling fitted for approx. 65 mm
15 January, 2018

Lanico BF311 double flanger double seamer – Ref G040

Tooling fitted for approx. 153 mm
26 January, 2018

Lanico CF426 combination flanger-necker-seamer for aerosol – Ref. G044

Tooling fitted for approx. 65 mm necked-in
30 April, 2018

Klinghammer DFS250 combination flanger-total curler-seamer – Ref. G055

Tooling fitted for approx. 216 mm. Necker-Flanger-Seamer
13 June, 2018

Vatan Makina automatic rectangular 234 x 234 mm can making line – Ref. G060

Output up to 25 cpm. Year 2014
4 September, 2018

Cevolani BNA480 spin flanger/beader/seamer combination machine – Ref. G065

Tooling fitted for approx. 189 mm

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