Complete Can Production Lines

29 March, 2016

Bodymaking Line for quarter paint cans 99 mm – Ref. F002

Bodymaking Line for quarter paint cans 99 mm consisting of GCD Bodymaker, Gobbi Y Fusco automatic flanger, GCD seamer for ring, GCd seamer for bottoms, GCD automatic seamer, Manual Tester, Output 120 cpm
31 March, 2016

Sabatier complete automatic pail making line (10L and 20L) – Ref. F021

Sabatier complete pail making line for producing pails from 10 to 20L. Including also dies and tools for producing tops and bottoms.
1 April, 2016

Complete automatic 18L (235 x 235 mm) square can making lines – Ref. E158

Consisting of: – Shing Shung Korea body stacker and slitter Y.O.C. 1999 – Shing Shung Korea forming & embossing machine Y.O.C. 1999 – Body welder Y.O.C. […]
1 April, 2016

MGR automatic back-end can making line – Ref. E133

Overhauled Composed of: MGN TP/2 flanger MGR AA2 top seamer MGR AA2 bottom seamer Toolings available for approx. 165, 170, 180 mm
12 April, 2016

Complete automatic round can making line for 1 liter, (99 + 105 mm) – Ref. F064

Complete production can making line for 99 and 105 mm
12 May, 2016

Complete automatic 3pc round can making line 73 mm (300) – Ref. F070

Consisting of: Cepak MK2 CAR duplex slitter, Ocsam body blank transfer unit, Soudronic AFB640, Frei Ag external lacquering unit, Frei Ag curing oven, German Frei spin flanger, German Frei beader, Angelus 60L seamer, Mectra palletizer
8 December, 2016

Complete Schuler aluminum aerosol monobloc can making line – Ref. F083

Schuler complete aluminum aerosol monobloc can making line from 1997
25 January, 2017

Complete automatic 18L square can making line (235X235 mm) – Ref. E158

18L rectangular can making line
13 February, 2017

Sabatier complete automatic 10L-18L square can making line – Ref. G003

Complete automatic rectangular can forming line with different can height
22 February, 2017

Complete automatic composite can making line for 99 mm round cans – Ref. G004

Composite can making line 99 mm running at 220 cans per minute
19 June, 2017

Complete automatic 18L square can making line (235X235 mm) – Ref. G019

Max. Output up to 35 cpm. Excellent Condition
7 July, 2017

Complete 3Lt rectangular can making line (90×150 mm) – Ref. G020

For producing 3Lt. Kanisters (90x150x262 mm)
31 October, 2017

Paint can production line – Ref. G034

Including tools for 105 and 176 mm
28 November, 2017

Automatic Rectangular Can Making Line For Edible Oil (117x145x315(h) mm) – Ref. G036

With new tooling for 117x145 mm rectangular
30 November, 2017

Complete 2 pc Steel Beverage Can Making Line – Ref. G037

For the production of beverage cans of 33cl (211/202 x 408)
13 March, 2018

Automatic aerosol can making line 57 mm – Ref. G050

Tooling fitted for approx. 57 mm. Output 250 cpm
4 April, 2018

Automatic can making line for 153 mm – Ref. G051

Running up to 80 cpm. Machines fully overhauled
13 June, 2018

Vatan Makina automatic rectangular 234 x 234 mm can making line – Ref. G060

Output up to 25 cpm. Year 2014
26 June, 2018

Complete automatic can making line for 73 mm round cans – Ref. G063

Height range: 83-140 mm. Output: Up to 450 cpm
8 November, 2018

Can Man complete aerosol can making line 65 mm – Ref. G072

Output up to 250 cpm.

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