Cepeda complete twist off caps making line of newer technology – Ref. H010

Cenzano automatic vertical parter – Ref. H009
17 March, 2019
Mailander 122A double colour printing units with inline Mailander 469 coater – Ref. H11
16 April, 2019



One complete manufacturing line, with tools for diameter 58,63 and 82mm RTS/RSB with Sheet feed press tooling 3-out each format and 2 MF8 and Oven, max. output 500 tpm

  • Production line of twist off cups with full sheet press of 40 tns. With: pallet elevator and feeder, centering table, blade lubrication system, extrusion system and triple pneumatic cushion
  • Whole Sheet Press of 40 tons
  • Leaf lubrication system
  • Axes X and Y-Y of the advance station driven by linear motor (magnetic motors)
  • Ejection system
  • Triple pneumatic cushion
  • 3-out sets of dies for formats of 58 mm diameter
  • 3-out sets of dies for formats of 63 mm diameter
  • 3-out sets of dies for formats of 82 mm diameter
  • Transport system between the 40 ton whole sheet press and the two twist off cap forming MF 8E
  • Mod forming press, MF 8E for twist off cups
  • Inlet conveyor to the MF 8E former approximately 1500 mm
  • Extrusion conveyor of the MF 8E former approximately 3000 mm
  • Tools for the diameter 58 mm formers
  • Tools for the diameter 63 mm formers
  • Tools for the diameter 82 mm formers
  • Pumping unit for MF 8E forming presses
  • Transportation between the 2 MF 8E and the drying oven
  • Sellacan Drying Oven for twist off cups
  • Automatic cover counter
  • Quality control and laboratory equipment
  • A set of spare parts related to tools
  • Max. output: 500 epm
  • Year 2006

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