Complete rebuilt 2-piece DRD can making line – Ref. I005

Mailander 122A complete double colour printing line with inline Mailander 469 coater – Ref. I003
28 January, 2020
Klinghammer 430 double flanger-seamer combination machine – Ref. I006
7 February, 2020

Consisting of the following:

  • Automatic scroll shear Blema PKXStr-1000, Bliss or similar with Encoder and touch screen
  • New die scroll mounted in a four guiding pin die shoe for quick change. Punch and Cut rings with CPM-REX material
  • Transfer between strip shears – Draw press with magnetic conveyor and speed variator
  • Rebuilt Blema PKXD63 or similar automatic strip feed press with Goitzper pneumatic clutch
  • New double die with CPM-REX material with integrated air cushions
  • Aero magnetic double transfer between draw press and trimming machine
  • Rebuilt Cerlei automatic double trimming machine with automatic lubrication system
  • New double die trimming cans. Punch and cut rings with CPM-REX material
  • Equipped with new electrical system with touchscreen for the press+trimmer
  • Transfer between trimming machine and palletizer
  • Automatic palletizer totally rebuilt with new electric cabinet
  • Max. Output: 220 cans/minute

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