can making solutions

20 September, 2016

Vulcano BAQ-20 vertical oven for rectangular lids – Ref. F074

Vulcano vertical oven for rectangular lids
13 April, 2016

Welding Macchine PVE2B semi automatic ear welder – Ref. E131

Suitable for cans with diameter up to 320 mm
13 April, 2016

Welding Macchine MM Mec-630 automatic bailing machine – Ref. E124

Tooling fitted for pails approx. 292 mm
7 April, 2016

Blanch liner for round lids – Ref. F063

Tooling fitted for approx. 73 mm
7 April, 2016

Somme S-434-A automatic seamer for regular and irregular cans – Ref. F061

Fully rebuilt with warranty and equipped with steam flow device
6 April, 2016

Schuler P40/220 automatic strip feed press with curler – Ref. F055

40 Tons with rectangular tool
6 April, 2016

Blema complete end making line for 153 mm ends – Ref. F044

Complete Blema end making line for producing 153 mm ends
31 March, 2016

Angelus 29P 4 head automatic seamer – Ref. E112

Angelus 29P fully rebuilt automatic seamer
31 March, 2016

Soudronic VAA20 automatic welder with Nordson internal+external lacquering system – F013

Soudronic VAA20 fully overhauled automatic welder
31 March, 2016

Cevolani CD52 automatic double slitter with sheet feeder and stacker – Ref. F011

Cevolani double slitter with feeder and stacker
30 March, 2016

Crabtree Marquess Plus MT2 double colour printing line with UV curing – Ref. F008

Double colour printing line from 2010 in excellent condition consisting of Crabtree feeder, Crabtree Marquess 1st colour tower, Crabtree Marquess 2nd colour tower, UV dryer and stacker with motorized rollers

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